We always have a little extra for our clients, as we believe in going the extra mile.
So here are some of the perks you would receive by choosing Code Chopper.

Reseach & Planning

Reseach & Planning

Without planning a project, execution becomes difficult. Web designers who decided to skip this important step, often fail. They fire up Photoshop and create designs assuming they know what the client wants and end up causing frustration and heart ache for the customer. We know that your website is critical to your success and we want you to succeed. So we create websites based on what you are thinking and we do this by asking questions, lots of questions. Here are our top 5:

  1. Who is your Target Audience?

  2. Who are your Competitors?

  3. What are your goals?

  4. Do you have other websites you want to emulate?

  5. Tell us more about your your business.

  6. Who has responsibility for approving the project (at each stage)?

  7. What will the project cost?

  8. Will you need to accept credit cards from your customers?


After dedicating time and resources to Research & Planning, critical questions answered and a clear path established, we’re now ready to work. we’ll look critically at establishing a sitemap and creating a design blueprint (wireframes) for us to move forward. Because you would never build a house without first telling an architect what your requirements are, the same is with a website. Before starting the design process, we’ll want to see how your website will be laid out, I will discuss wireframes with you to see how is design going to be.

  1. Designing Sitemap for Main Pages

  2. Discussing Wireframes

  3. Main Pages Architecture

  4. Shop Architecture (if ECommerce)

  5. Variations, Revisions, Functionality & Design Elements

  6. Design Approval



Latest trends and technology is what keeps me unique from my competitors. I believe in quality, technical excellence, consistency and professional ethics to maintain the coding and development services. No matter, what is the size of project, all clients are valuable and I take up all the challenges and work hard to provide the cutting-edge solutions. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc are all open source Content Management Systems that provide with countless innovative ideas to expand the capability of your website.

  1. Pixel Perfect Coding

  2. Browser Compatibility

  3. Responsive Tablet/Mobile Ready

  4. eCommerce Solutions

  5. PHP/CMS, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and many more ....


I am ready to launch now and most important things before launching a website client should be withholding these details. or ready to purchase from me.

  1. cPanel, Domain & Hosting

  2. Content & Data (Themes, Plugins, Images, Videos, Products' CSV/XML etc. )

  3. SSL Certificate (if applicable)

  4. If you want to save your time Hire Me! for adding content, updating and managing


Data Management is a complex issue, but done correctly from the start, could save you a lot of time and hassle at the end of the project. As we have finalized the layout of project, we require some sensitive information that will be visible on your website, and is required to work on your website. Research data takes many forms, ranging from functionality and documents to images and content. The resources on this phase is prepared for you to understand that the 40% of the project is completed and in the development phase.

  1. Images, Videos & Content

  2. Access to Files, Hosting, Domain

  3. Data Sheets XML/CSV (if eCommerce)

  4. Organizing Data

  5. Images, Videos & Content

  6. Backup, Reset & Migration


Run diagnostic, QC, QA and some tests on the design and development processes in order to test a product’s many uses, and to discover design issues and development errors while testing a product’s user interface (UI) and gauging the user experience (UX).

  1. Broken Links

  2. CSS, JS or Functionality Bugs

  3. Malware Errors

  4. Spelling Errors

  5. Error Free/W3C Verified
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We always have a little extra for our clients, as we believe in going the extra mile.
So here are some of the perks you would receive by choosing Code Chopper.


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We are grateful for your constant support in making our vision come true.

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What clients say about Code Chopper

ABN Finsights Academy

Very creative, and an excellent designer and developer!" that makes our work easier every day. I definitely recommend it!

Izhar Khan ABN Finsights Academy arrow_forward
Brillder App

We were very satisfied with Code Chopper's work. they provided a dedicated and creative UI Developer, creative in problem-solving, and made useful recommendations to code enhancements. Particularly some of their work using CSS to animate icons. We would definitely work with them again.

Lindsay MacVean Scholar-6 arrow_forward
HartRedd, LLC.

My website was outdated and not mobile-friendly. After our initial consultation they went to work right away and created us a more modern and eye-catching website that our clients love!

R. Redd Hart Redd Realty arrow_forward
Total Horse Channel

I was very pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail. Code Chopper has been serving us for the last 8 years, it was such a pleasure to work with a great team. Their hard work, patience, and professionalism far exceeded my expectations.

C. Patton Total Horse Channel arrow_forward
US Orthodontic Products

We were struggling with some coding issues on our website until we worked with the Code Chopper team. They are good communicators and problem solvers, they always listen to our needs, and came up with good ideas.

Ann Kim US Orthodontic Products arrow_forward
Work Horse Lifts

I highly recommend Code Chopper as a web designer. They are competent, talented, professional, remained engaged, asked the right questions, and gave great suggestions.

A. Avelo Work Horse Lifts arrow_forward